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Yes, we will inspect and prepare an estimate for repairs free of charge, usually within 48 hours of your call.

A licensed contractor is held accountable for the completion of work as well as the quality of workmanship. A non-licensed contractor may SEEM to be less expensive, however, far too many homeowners have been ripped off by these fly-by-night outfits.

Yes, every Ute Construction employee has a thorough background check completed prior to hiring.

Yes—at your request, we will provide a written guarantee for the quality of workmanship

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No, we work for you, the homeowner. However, due to our years of experience serving Las Vegas, we have developed good working relationships with most insurance companies that enable us to effectively work with them in your best interest

The insurance process can be frustrating and confusing and may provide a settlement that is insufficient to complete repairs. Our experience and reputation in this industry will ensure you are treated fairly because the insurance adjusters in this city know we do the job right.

Some insurance terms you may come across are:
1. Adjuster – This is the representative from the insurance company that prepares and submits estimates and reports regarding your damage to the insurance company.
2. Depreciation – the amount of money the insurance company deducts from your settlement in response to age and/or wear and tear.
3. RCV – Replacement Cost Value – this is the total or ‘gross’ figure to repair or replace what was damaged.
4. ACV – Actual Cash Value – this represents the figure after subtracting depreciation and your deductible from the RCV figure.
5. Holdback – The holdback is typically the depreciation figure that is held by the insurance company until all repairs have been completed and proof of completion has been submitted to them.
6. Recoverable Depreciation – As above, this is money withheld by the insurance company until a proof of repairs form is submitted. After proof of completion is received, they will issue a check to complete their settlement for repairs.
7. Non-Recoverable Depreciation – The money that is deducted due to wear and tear that is NOT recoverable. You may wish to call your insurance company to learn if this applies to your policy and, if so, what portions of the policy (coverage on the house may be RCV, but the coverage on your pool or fence may be settled ACV).

Typically the only up-front payment would be your deductible. With our years of experience, we know the insurance company may take months to get you your settlement, and we understand. We will be in contact with your insurance adjuster and make all efforts to keep any stress with regard to payment off of your shoulders

A Work Authorization is an agreement between you, the homeowner, and Ute Construction to allow us to complete the required repairs to your house

A Work Completion Form is a form that you, the homeowner, sign when all repairs have been completed. This form is typically sent to the insurance company as proof that all repairs have been completed to your satisfaction, so they will release the ‘holdback’ to complete your settlement.

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If your possessions are damaged as a result of a loss, we can help clean and/or pack out the contents to enable repairs to begin. This is typically covered by your insurance policy. However, you should discuss this with your insurance adjuster to ensure coverage is afforded before work begins.

A deductible is a fixed amount of money you pay out of pocket for damages to your home before your insurance pays the rest.