Free Your Property From Mold / Organic Growth

Keep your family safe with Ute Construction’s mold removal services. Our team provides full-scale restoration that makes for healthy and long-lasting properties. We serve Las Vegas and the surrounding areas in Nevada.

Mold Removal Is Essential to a Healthy Life

Mold can produce allergenic and odorous chemicals as well as toxic metabolites. Trapped and high levels of spores in your home can cause a wide spectrum of health problems, especially for children and senior citizens.

Additionally, anyone with asthma or any respiratory issue is also highly susceptible to getting sick. People that are not hyper-sensitive to mold may experience hay fever-like symptoms. In some cases, a toxic reaction can occur.

The Centers for Disease Control, (CDC) continues to investigate the health-related effects of mold. However, the CDC recommends any mold formation in your house should be remediated.

Certified Mold Remediation Experts at Your Service

Our team removes mold and eliminates future problems in the affected area. To ensure your home will be returned to a safe environment, we comply with the CDC’s mold remediation guidelines.

After this, we suggest a non-associated, third-party hygienist perform a surface and air test. The results are sent to a laboratory to document our successful work. This proves that there are no high levels of mold present in your house.

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